Musica Sacra International Internationaler Kammerchor-Wettbewerb Marktoberdorf Chor- und Musikverband Achordas Allgemeiner Cäcilien-Verband für Deutschland Arbeitskreis Musik in der Jugend e.V. Chorverband in der Evangelischen Kirche in Deutschland Internationaler Arbeitskreis für Musik e.V. Pueri Cantores Verband Deutscher KonzertChöre e.V. Musica International
Bundesvereinigung Deutscher Chorverbände e.V.
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Musica Sacra International

  • brings music from the five major world religions into the Allgäu region, organizing concerts in which Christians, Jews, Moslems, Buddhists and Hindus meet and perform together
  • provides an insight into foreign cultures
  • provides as an aid to better mutual understanding, offers lectures, a comprehensive programme booklet in two languages with articles from experts about the religions and their music
  • provides trilingual program booklets for all concerts containing all the texts of the works performed in the concerts in the original language (where available) with translations in German and English
  • aims to further understanding for people from different backgrounds
  • and in so doing provide a basis for future peace in the world
  • provides a chance for members of the various religious groups to meet
  • the population here in the Allgäu region
  • supports the development of peaceful coexistence in our world


Future festivals:

  • Musica Sacra International 2018 • May 18 - 23
  • Musica Sacra International 2020 • May 29 - June 3