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Musica Sacra International 2014 ist zu Ende

Wir sagen "Danke" für ein großartiges Fest der Begegnung

Mit den beiden Schlusskonzerten in der Dreifaltigkeitskirche Kaufbeuren am 10.6.2014 ging Musica Sacra International 2014 zu Ende. Es waren die vielen kleinen und großen besonderen Momente der Begegnung durch die Musik, die dieses Pfingsten in Marktoberdorf und in der Region für viele Menschen zu einem Fest der Begegnung im Zeichen von Frieden und Toleranz werden ließen.

Wir sagen "Herzlichen Dank" allen, die zum Gelingen dieser Tage beigetragen haben:

Auf Wiedersehen zu Musica Sacra International 2016 - vom 13. - 18. Mai!


Greeting of the patron of Musica Sacra International 2014

Rev. Dr. Olav Fykse Tveit

General Secretary, World Council of Churches

In each religious tradition, the heavenly realm is thought of as a place of peace and harmony. And yet our human realm is full of conflict and strife, of ethnic cleansing and disharmony. Hopes for a new millennium in which peace and justice would prosper have so far been sadly disappointed. How can we overcome our discouragement, our disillusionment with the spirit of the world in which we live  In each major religious tradition, prayer and worship are a means of transformation, both for the individual and for the wider community. What is it that can give wings to our prayers, if not music? That has been our common experience across the boundaries of our faiths. If earth is to be made a little more like heaven, then music will play a major part in this transformation.

When we offer musical praises to God, we forget ourselves and find ourselves lifted beyond the present moment and its limitations. Music takes us on a journey; it is truly a “transport of delight.” How sad we would be without music, and without this means of knowing what it is to rejoice! Each faith has its ways of calling people to prayer; the methods of calling the faithful together are different, and yet the goal, the purpose for which the faithful are summoned is one, the worship and adoration of the transcendent God. Called to worship God in the divine unity, lifting up musical songs and chants and anthems to this purpose, are we not ashamed then to turn to our sister and brother and admit our human enmities and disunity? The musical offering of praise to God is a reminder to us of what we should be like, people of harmony, diverse and yet united in purpose, which is the well-being and flourishing of human life and of the whole of creation.

Musica Sacra International and its offering together of the musical riches of many faith traditions, is a sign of hope in a troubled world. More than that, it opens the door to an experience of joy, because that is to be found at the heart of music-making. Joy can never be constrained or manufactured; space needs to be set aside to which the spirit of joy may come. Then, when we are able to rejoice together, united through the beauty of music and the delight of shared performance, something happens to us. Our hearts are touched by celestial fire.

My wish for you all, as patron of “Musica Sacra International” is that in this year 2014, you may find yourselves, gathered from many religious traditions, inspired to continue the task of overcoming evil and division and strife when you return to the communities from which you have come, so that truly our earth may become a little more like the heavenly realm which you have celebrated together.

Festival 2014

Eleven ensembles from seven nations and the five major religions will attend the 12th edition of Musica Sacra International - the musical encounter of World Religions in Marktoberdorf next year. Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Jews and Christians of different denominations will spend the days together as a testimonial of peace among the religions.

Enjoy choirs and instrumental music ensembles performing together in concerts, serving in church services or in other events from June 6 - 11, 2014. Look forward to another particular moments and encounters and celebrate with us the 25th anniversary of the Marktoberdorf Whitsun Music Festivals (1989 - 2014).

The days before the festival starts we invite school classes and pupils from all over the region to look into foreign religions meeting the musicians and ensembles within the events of our school project "Tolerance sets a Precedence". In cooperation with the Filmburg Marktoberdorf, school groups will be shown a film about one of the major world religions. Following this, festival participants will perform their religious music live, followed by a moderated discussion about the film shown. The school pupils are invited to discuss with the artists and ask questions. The musicians will talk about the situation in their own countries so that the young people will be able to experience the major world religions directly in a lively and authentic atmosphere.