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Supporting program 2014

Lectures, special school projects, ensembles that serve in Whitsun church services – the concert program was supplemented by a wide supporting program that aimed to deliver deeper insight into the religions and special facets of them.


Tolerance Sets a Precedence

For the 5th time now, Musica Sacra International presents again its successful school project „Tolerance Sets a Precedence“ in the week before Whitsun from June 4th – 6th 2014. In cooperation with the Filmburg Marktoberdorf, school groups shown a film about one of the major world religions. Following this, festival participants perform their religious music live, followed by a moderated discussion about the film shown. The school pupils are invited to discuss with the artists and ask questions. The musicians talk about the situation in their own countries so that the young people will be able to experience the major world religions directly in a lively and authentic atmosphere.


The programme

Wednesday, June 4th 2014 - at 9.30

Hinduism, India

with Subrata Manna and the ensemble from india

film: "Spurensuche - Die Weltreligionen auf dem Weg, Hinduismus"


Wednesday, June 4th 2014 - at 14.30 

Orthodoxy, Germany 

with the iberisi choir from munich

film: "Wie Luft zum Atmen"


Thursday, June 5th 2014 - at 9.30

Islam, Marokko 

with ensemble Rouh from Marokko

film: "Die große Reise"


Thursday, June 5th 2014 - at 14.30

Judaism, Germany 

with the cantor Mimi Sheffer from Berlin

film: "Im Himmel, unter der Erde"


Friday, June 6th 2014 - at 9.30

Christianity, Libanon 

with the Fayha Choir from Libanon

film: "Wer weiß, wohin?"

Information Tolerance Sets a Precedence 2014

Tolerance Sets a Precedence on tour

The project

The school project „Tolerance Sets a Precedence“ is an established part of Musica Sacra International since 2006. The basic concern of the project is to inform young people about the five major world religions and thereby spark an interest within them which will help them to develop an understanding and respect for other cultures. Nowadays in particular, in a time of growing globalization, it is very important for our young people to have a good basic knowledge in order to understand and classify their own culture and religion, in order to find their way in the world and become mature, responsible world citizens. This project seeks to help achieve this aim.

This year again „Tolerance Sets a Precedence on tour“ is a project from Musica Sacra International. In a number of schools, the film Holy Sounds in the Allgäu, will shown, a documentary about Musica Sacra International. The Festival Oldie Brigitte Riskowski and the film‘s producer, Leo Hiemer, told about the meeting between the world religions and the intentions which lie behind it.

The film

In his film Holy Sounds in the Allgäu, Leo Hiemer paints an impressive portrait of the ensembles taking part and their music, also showing what happens during the festival outside the concerts. He allows not only the participants, the organizers and the visitors to talk about their attitudes and experiences, but also the indispensable festival helpers, such as the host families from Marktoberdorf, who accommodate the artists from all over the world free of charge in their homes.

The schools

  • Mittelschule Marktoberdorf
  • Marienrealschule Kaufbeuren
  • Realschule Füssen

Short clip from the project „Tolerance Sets a Precedence on tour“

Lectures 2014

In addition to the concert program Musica Sacra International offers a variety of lectures on theological and musicological themes. Free entrance to all lectures.



Friday, June 6th 2014 - 6 pm

Opening Lecture of the Festival: Spheres of Sound - Interreligious Meetings through Music

Dr. Verena Grüter, Neuendettelsau at the Bavarian Music Academy Marktoberdorf, Kurfürstenstr. 19

As an aid in the efforts to achieve peace, music is a particularly attractive medium. Whether it is understood as being a proto-language or a "divine gift" it is reputed to have the power to join people together over and above any cultural and religious differences. At the same time, music, as a cultural achievement, also reflects these differences, provoking on the one hand agreement, but on the other hand possibly misunderstanding, rejection and conflict. As an answer to the question about the different concepts of "religious music" which are presented at the Festival Musica Sacra International in Marktoberdorf, the lecture examines the possibilities and limits of interreligious meetings through music.

Dr. Verena Grüteris a member of the scientific staff in the Department for Intercultural Theology, Missionary and Religious Sciences at the Augustana College, Neuendettelsau



Saturday, June 7th 2014 - 3 pm

Christians & Moslems - Guardians of Identity or Bridge Builders?

Hans-Martin Gloël, Nuremberg at Matthias-Lauber-Haus Kaufbeuren, Bismarckstraße 7

The role of Christianity in our society is changing and Islam is playing a part which it has never played before. Retaining one's own roots and developing a constructive relationship to others: what form can this take when it is a matter of theological relationships between the religions, their responsibility for their society and their political interests? These are challenges which confront Hans-Martin Gloël in his daily work.

The Reverend Hans-Martin Gloël is Director of the Brücke - Köprü Meeting Centre in Nuremberg. The Centre has been supported since 2004 by the Ministry of the Interior as being an excellent example for meeting projects.



Sunday, June 8th 2014 - 3 pm

Peace, Justice, Protection of Creation: Buddhist Perspectives

Prof. Dr. Burkhard Scherer, Canterbury (GB) at the Bavarian Music Academy Marktoberdorf, Kurfürstenstr. 19

Buddhism is often regarded as being rather removed and unworldly, as being an exclusive inner meditative path to overcome human suffering. Yet more and more Buddhists refuse to accept this shortened description and demonstrate this fact in a powerful and joyful involvement on behalf of peace, social justice and environmental protection. The lecture illustrates basic Buddhist beliefs and attitudes reflected in connection active social involvement.

Prof. Dr. Burkhard Scherer is Professor of Comparative Religion, Gender and Sexuality at the Canterbury Christ Church University in Great Britain. The main topics of his research are the narrative dimensions of religions, religion and gender as well as Indian philosophy.



Monday, June 9th 2014 - 2 pm

The hindustani Music of North India

Subrata Manna, Kalkutta (India) at the Bavarian Music Academy Marktoberdorf, Kurfürstenstr. 19

The origins of Indian music go back a long way into the past. Its development can be traced back to ancient Vedic times. This makes it one of the oldest musical traditions in the world. The Hindustani music illustrates the traditional classical music of North India which was strongly influenced by the regions in and around Persia.

Subrata Manna, a master Tabla player who has won frequent awards, and his ensemble perform examples of Hindustani music and Kathak dances.



Monday, June 9th 2014 - 4 pm

The Challenge of Comparative Theology - New Ways in the Dialogue between the Religions

Prof. Dr. Klaus von Stosch, Paderborn at the Bavarian Music Academy Marktoberdorf, Kurfürstenstr. 19

Comparative Theology attempts to promote an attitude in interreligious dialogue which combines empathy and hospitality with regard to the truth and unfamiliarity of others with the epistemic humility and loyalty to the truth and validity of one's own position. This claim to validity should be formulated in such a way that the decisive tenets of one's own belief do not imply a devaluation of other forms of belief. The lecture will point to ways in which the theologies of the different religions can lead to a mutual enrichment and can encourage interreligious friendships.

Prof. Dr. Klaus von Stosch is Professor for Systematic Theology and its Teaching at the University of Paderborn and is co-founder of the Centre for Comparative Theology and Cultural Sciences there.



Tuesday, June 10th 2014 - 2:30 pm

The five Components of the Music of the Mishkan T'Filah

Mimi Sheffer, Berlin at the Bavarian Music Academy Marktoberdorf, Kurfürstenstr. 19

This interactive workshop offers the opportunity for an intensive analysis of the five components of Jewish synagogue music. The alternating relationship between the text and the music and their significance in the T‘filah form the main theme of the workshop in which the participants themselves can play an active role.

Mimi Sheffer was for a long time cantor in Jewish communities, at first in the USA and then in Berlin.

Church services on Whitsun with ensembles participating in the festival

Musica Sacra International is a festival of sacred music. It is good tradition that some ensembles of the festival serve in church services in several parishes in and around Marktoberdorf.


Sunday, June 8th 2014 

Kempten JVA • at 9 o'clock

Church service with the Iberisi Choir from Munich, Germany 

(not for public)


Monday, June 9th 2014

Kaufbeuren Dreifaltigkeitskirche • at 9.30

Church service with the Synagogalchoir from Leipzig, Germany


Altenstadt Basilika St. Michael • at 9.45

Church service with the Fayha Choir from Lebanon


Marktoberdorf St. Martin • at 11 o'clok 

Church service with the Ensemble Calmus from Leipzig, Germany