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Here you will find all news about Musica Sacra International.


Greeting Prof. Dr. Norbert Lammert, President of the German Bundestag

Patron of Musica Sacra International 2016

„Music is the best way to reach God“, is an observation which the tenor Rolando Villazon made about his own experience. The festival Musica Sacra International in Marktoberdorf is also concerned with spirituality. Here, prayer and singing will flow together when again this year 150 musicians from different continents will make music together and perform well known and less well known works of sacred music from five religions. However different the countries of origin, the religious and musical traditions of the musicians from Asia, Africa and Europe may be – in the spiritual music, the choirs and instrumental ensembles experience one thing in common: they all listen and are listened to.

Buddhists and Hindus, Jews, Moslems and Christians invite to concerts in churches, secular buildings and a mosque – and they introduce visitors to the secrets of their sacred music: the festival offers the musicians a stage on which they can make their individual and cultural experiences be heard. The music is here always a medium for their beliefs. When the guests and the hosts, which in this year also include refugees living in Germany, exchange views and opinions about the theological content of their texts and music, they change the interreligious dialogue into a polyphonic, living choir and discover God’s kingdom in the world of sound.

With this, Musica Sacra International makes an important contribution to musical and religious education – that we open our ears to new melodies, we get to know other images of God or understand other views of the world. I wish all those taking part and the organizers much joy. May Musica Sacra find an interested public – in Villazon’s sense, it will certainly reach God.


Festival programme now online

Whitsun is approaching and with it, for the 13th time, Musica Sacra International from May 13th to the 18th under the motto “Voices of the religions”.


Eleven ensembles from nine countries and the five major religions, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism will be our guests this year and will be performing their music in concerts, church services and other events.

Look forward as we do to this meeting of the world religions and experience live

  • Different aspects of Christian music from Norway (Nordic Voices) to Nigeria (Lagos City Chorale), from Germany (Maulbronner Kammerchor) and the USA (African American Choral Ensemble)
  • Jewish cantoral singing: Nikola David, accompanied on the organ by Bettina Strübel
  • Moslem music from Syria: Sama Damaszener ensemble
  • The performance of a southern Iranian Zar ritual by Maryam Akhondy and the Banu female choir
  • Carnatic music from South India: Shantala Subramanyam and the Bhakti ensemble
  • The meeting between western jazz music and Indian ragas in a composition especially written for Musica Sacra:  Bavarian State Youth Jazz Orchestra and Shantala Subramanyam and ensemble
  • Buddhist singing from the Shomyo School of Japanese monks in dialogue with Gregorian chants performed by the famous Schola Gregoriana Pragensis conducted by David Eben


With the project choir “Voices for Peace” singers will have the opportunity for he first time to actively take part and perform in Musica Sacra International. The choir, under the leadership of the famous gospel expert Dr. Raymond Wise, will rehearse gospels and Afro-American pieces in four sessions and perform them for the public in the evening concert on May 16th 2016 in Nesselwang as well as in the final concerts on May 17th 2016 in Kaufbeuren.


Have you ever sung Persian songs or interested yourself for Jewish synagogue music? Do you know the first Indian settings of ancient mantras for choirs. The sound of Gregorian chants is familiar to us, but singing them yourself? Four workshops led by outstanding teachers offer you these possibilities:

  • Choral Mantras - Ganesh Kumar (IN), Nicol Matt (D)
  • Jewish synagogue music - Prof. Andor Izsák, Hanover (D)
  • Persian singing - Maryam Akhondy, Cologne (D) / Teheran (IR)
  • Gregorian chants - David Eben, Prague (CZ)

The workshops will take place from Saturday May 14th Samstag, until Tuesday, May 17th every morning from 10 until 12:30.


A glimpse of what is happening in the festival and a presentation of intercultural projects from the region are offered with the help of a diverse programme, which changes every day, on a stage in the Marktoberdorf market place. Ensembles taking part in the festival will be performing their music, artistic initiatives will be presented, for and with refugees. Talks - Music – Dance on and next to the stage.

The programme of events is available on the accompanying programme information.

Detailed information about the festival, all the events and the ensembles can be found on the following sites.

"Voices for Peace" - the festival's project choir

Register now!

For the first time we are inviting enthusiastic singers to accompany and contribute to Musica Sacra International in an active way. Experience Musica Sacra International at first hand as a singer in „Voices for Peace“ (May, 14 – 17th), the festival’s project choir! Becoming an active part of the festival of encounter, supporting new musical experiences and enable the dialogue with international artists, like the singers of „Scholar Gregoriana Pragensis“ and „Nordic Voices“– that’s what this project is all about.

The project choir „Voices for Peace“ will concentrate its work on a 4-day gospel workshop. Dr. Raymond Wise, one oft he most famous teachers and experts in gospel, takes the participants into the world of Afro-American communities’ music. The results of the workshop will be presented in the final concerts of the festival.

The program will be added by four choir-workshops, that are focused on the styles of music of different religions. Famous artists like David Eben will deliver insight into gregorian chants, jewish synagogal music, choral mantras and persian chant.

Included in the complete package are the entries to all concerts and events of Musica Sacra International. To enable the personal dialogue between all members of the festival, they are going to have their meals together. Café Musica offers the room for spontaneous sessions far into the night.

More informations about the project choir and the application you will find here.